The Scams
Be Aware

Don't Think They Can Abuse Their Power and Get Away with It? Guess again.

School administrators and police officers are
not always what they seem. While the majority are professionals and generally deserving of trust, all it takes is one unethical person (the ringleader) to abuse that trust--and involve others in their scam.

If this person has access to private information from a variety of sources, legally or otherwise, you, your child, and even your
friends and their children can all be "profiled" and their lives made miserable just to teach you who is in control. If you don't go away, they turn up the heat. How?

  • Parents are accused of child neglect or abuse and "turned in" to child protective service social workers (DFS/CPS) who will investigate the family--repeatedly (see Retaliation: A Primer)
  • Students are accused of truancy (another scam) and depending on State law, parents can be and often are locked up
  • False arrests (some two months after the alleged "incident") of teenage students on trumped-up, catchall misdemeanor charges, i.e. "harassment" or "disorderly conduct"
  • Slander: spreading malicious gossip accusing parents and their children of being liars, so no one will believe them, or worse, "slant" the story so it appears they "deserved" what they got
  • Tampering with your personal property in an attempt to endanger your life or harass you to move away
  • The list goes on!
What You Can Do:
  1. You are not helpless! If you, or a friend, have been falsely accused of child abuse/neglect, truancy, or if your child was falsely arrested and was cleared or forced to plea guilty to something stupid, don't let the matter drop. Tell the school board, your friends, your pastor, Internet groups, state legislators, and the press. Tell your story: innocent people have nothing to be ashamed of! Districts count on your shame to keep you quiet. Turn the tables and demand your name be cleared by making the matter public.
  2. Ask your friends to lobby the Attorney General, your State Representatives, and the State Auditor to investigate the school district. Misusing a state agency (CPS or the police) to harass innocent people is not only unethical, it's waste, fraud and abuse of limited state (read: taxpayer) money and resources.
  3. Be on the lookout for retaliation. It happens much more often than you'd think. If you were retaliated against, and you know who was responsible, file a formal complaint with the state licensing board and the Department of Education. If you or your child were harassed by a school police officer, file a formal complaint with the police department. They may or may not do anything, but that complaint will become part of the person's record. If they do it again to someone else, there will be a written history on them.


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