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Protect Yourself

It is important that you know your rights.
The Constitution of the United States guarantees them!

Unfortunately, less-than-ethical school principals, police officers, truant officers and paranoid student services supervisors are basically "getting away with murder" because
they know you don't know what your rights are--and they won't bother to tell you either! Why should they, when your ignorance works for them???

Don't let them get away with illegal conduct! Here is how
you can protect yourself and your friends, and assure that your rights as a citizen of this country are honored.

STEP ONE: Download these cards. They are in .PDF (Adobe) format.
Student Rights Card (courtesy of End Zero Tolerance)
Know Your Rights (ACLU Pocket Card)

Read them, and keep them on yourself at all times.
Print copies and pass them around to your friends!

STEP TWO:  Insist that your parents send in this letter--NOW! Letter to School Superintendent

STEP THREE: read the questions and answers on this link: Juvenile Law

Yes, school officials and the police can legally
LIE TO YOU and trick you into incriminating yourself. They call it "cooperating" -- we call it entrapment and a major violation of your Fifth Amendment rights!

STEP FOUR: Last, but not least, tell your friends about this website. Protect them! You can prevent their life from turning into a zero-tolerance nightmare. Make a difference. Don't wait until it's too late!

Get your own PACT cards!

What you can do:

  • Identify yourself and politely insist that your parent/guardian come to the school if you are called in for questioning. Know your Miranda Rights. Even if they threaten you with punishments, say nothing. You have the right not to say anything that could be misused to incriminate you or others. Remember, it is NOT illegal for the Principal to LIE to you and tell if you if you "come clean" with the truth, they won't expel you. They will use what you say to expel you.
  • If you are threatened with jail, ask to be taken to the police station. If you are not allowed to use the phone, ask the police sergeant on duty to contact your parents.
  • If you are suspended for "hindering" an investigation or "defiance" because you chose not to talk in the absence of your parents (and the school didn't bother to call them), make sure you get a suspension slip. Don't sign it and don't lose it! The Principal is required to hold a conference with you and your parents either prior to or immediately after the suspension and the slip is your proof! Read Jerry Moore's School Talk for more advice.
  • Be smart: keep your mouth shut. Tell them you will be happy to answer any questions once your parent arrives.


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